Large Scale Intermediates

CiVentiChem has large scale manufacturing capabilities at our modern facility in Hyderabad, India. We supply complex intermediates involving multi-step synthesis to customers worldwide. Our capabilities include rapid initial scale up and custom synthesis of intermediates with capacity to produce up to 1000 kilograms/campaign.

Stainless Steel Reactors
250L to 2000L
Glass-Lined Reactor
FRP/PP Reactor
Autoclave (Hydrogenation)
1.0L, 2.0L and 10L
Five Synthesis Laboratories (28 fume Hoods) Provides competitive large scale manufacturing
Pilot Plant with Analytical capabilities (HPLC, GC, LC-MS) 24 Reactors with total capacity of 15,000 Liters Perform Reactions from -70°C to +120°C
Autoclave (Hydrogenation) reactors
1L, 2L and 10L (100kg (1400 psi) pressure and 200°C)
Auxiliary Filtration, Drying and Milling Separate QC and Documentation Center